Volume XXX, Number 9
September 2015 
ISSN 0971-6378 (Print edition); 0973-2543 (Online edition); RNI 
Date of publication 21 September 2015
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Integrating teaching and folklore theatre to promote HECx in Tamil Nadu, India
-- R. Marimuthu and B.A. Daniel, Pp. 1-5
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Rescue, Treatment and Release of an Endangered Greater Adjutant Leptoptilosdubius
-- Purnima Devi Barman, Samshul Ali, Parag Deori and D.K. Sharma, Pp. 6-9
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Distribution of Adiantum capillus-veneris L. (Adiantaceae) in India
-- Parthipan, M. and A. Rajendran, Pp. 10-11
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New distributional record of Impatiens pseudo-acaulis Bhaskar (Balsaminaceae) - from Western Ghats of Kerala
-- V.S. Hareesh, C.V. Sanal, S. Sabik and V.B. Sreekumar, Pp. 12-13
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Announcement: 5th AZEC conference, 7-12 December 2015
P. 13
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‘Living with Villagers’ for Bat Conservation at Triyuga Municipality, Udayapur, Nepal
-- Sanjan Thapa, Pp. 14-17
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Status and conservation of montane herpetofauna of Southern Eastern Ghats, India
-- S.R. Ganesh and M. Arumugam, Pp. 18-22
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Announcement: IUCN World Conservation Congress, 1-10 September 2016, Hawai’i, USA - Call for contributions closes October 15
P. 22
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Husbandry and Care of Birds (Chapter 32, ZOOKEEPING)
-- Ted Fox and Adrienne Whiteley, Pp. 23-30
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Education Reports
Pp. 31-32
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