Volume XXXI, Number 8
August 2016 
ISSN 0971-6378 (Print edition); 0973-2543 (Online edition); RNI 
Date of publication 24 August 2016
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Caring for Wildlife - The World Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare Strategy
Pp. 1-5
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First Record of an Islamic Sacred Grove From Eastern Maharashtra
-- Akshay A. Onkar and Prabha Y. Bhogaonkar, Pp. 6-7
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Wild boar predation on White-rumped vulture fledgling
-- A. Samson, B. Ramakrishnan and P. Ravi, P. 8
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The genus Acanthus L. (Acanthaceae) in Bhitarkanika National Park, Kendrapara District of Odisha, India
-- S.P. Panda, B.K. Singh, H.N. Subudhi and H.K. Patra, Pp. 9-11
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Announcement: World Animal Day, October 4
P. 11
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Surgical management and release of an injured Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa macrosceloides) in Assam, India
-- Samshul Ali, Panjit Basumatary and Bhaskar Choudhury, Pp. 12-15
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Announcement: 26th International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology, 04-08 Sep 2017, Kula Lumpur
P. 15
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Securing the future of Tigers in Bhutan-Manas Complex: An Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme in Bhutan
-- Tashi Dhendup, Pp. 16-17
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“LET ME ROAR”: The Bengal Tiger of Indian Himalayas
-- Santanu Gupta and Aparajita Mukherjee, Pp. 18-20
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Announcement: 15th International Elephant & Rhino Conservation and Research Symposium, Singapore Zoo, November 14-18, 2016
P. 20
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ZooLex: Lyon Zoo, Recovery Centre for North American Terrapins
Pp. 21-23
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Education reports
P. 24
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Announcement: IUCN World Conservation Congress, 1-10 September 2016, Hawai’I
P. 28
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