Volume XXIX, Number 3
March 2014 
ISSN 0971-6378 (Print edition); 0973-2543 (Online edition); RNI 15:3
Date of publication 21 March 2014
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Feature articles
ZOOKEEPING: an article getting started as a keeper useful to any zoo director and other staff
Pp. 1-4
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A Special Report: Pet lion living on a Rooftop in Kabul rescued by the Kabul Zoo Team
-- AzizGul Saqib, Pp. 5-6
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Central Zoo Authority Preparations in hand for CBSG and WAZA conferences
-- Sally Walker, Pp. 7-9
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Bangladesh Zoos go for a National Zoo Association
-- Sally Walker, Pp. 10-13
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IUCN India Country Office welcomes new Country Representative - Sri Priya Ranjan Sinha
P. 14
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Professor Gordon McGregor Reid awarded the IUCN Species Survival Commission Chair's Citation of Excellence
P. 15
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Prioritizing Elephant Corridors in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu
-- Kannan, G, Jayakumaran Thampy, P.S., Arunachalam & B. Ramakrishnan, Pp. 16-19
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World Pangolin Day celebration by Zoo Outreach Organization
-- R. Marimuthu, P. 20
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Technical articles
Red Sand Boa Eryx johnii johnii (Russel, 1801) breeds at VOC Park Mini Zoo, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
-- R. Marimuthu and K. Asokan, Pp. 21-22
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Zingiber neesanum (J. Graham) Ramamoorthy in C.J. Saldanha and D.H. Nicolson (Zingiberaceae) a new record for Tamil Nadu, India
-- Binitha Pushpakaran and R. Gopalan, Pp. 23-24
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Zinc Phosphide poisoning in Indian Jungle Myna (Acridotheres fuscus)
-- M. Sanjeev Kumar, Shivaraj Murag, R.K. Sanjukta, M.D. Venkatesha and C. Renuka Prasad, Pp. 25-27
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Education report
Animal Welfare Fortnightly 2014-Reports from Participants
Pp. 28-32
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Announcement: Amity University - Amity Institute of Wildlife Sciences, Back cover
P. 36
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